Victrex Thermoplastic PEEK Solutions for efficient and reliable powertrain components

Victrex is an innovative leader in high-performance PEEK polymer solutions, supports engineers in developing cost-effective, durable powertrain components enhancing fuel efficiency and driving comfort. For more than 35 years the industry has specified VICTREX™ PEEK-based solutions in demanding powertrain applications such as thrust washers, seal rings and actuators, but also in the areas of gears and steering. Victrex solutions make a meaningful contribution to cost-effective enhancement of reliability, safety, driving comfort and fuel efficiency. In electric drives, APTIV™ films enable cost-efficient and reliable insulation solutions with higher energy density.


Our automotive product portfolio includes VICTREX™ PEEK and WG™ (tribology series) polymers, APTIV™ film and also VICTREX™ Gear Solutions.

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