13-15 February, 2018
Berlin, Germany

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BMW Presentation on Advanced E-Motor Technology using 6 Phase Drives

Expand your knowledge within this area, with this exclusive free presentation by Dr. Daniel Glose, Senior Specialist E-Motor Controls at BMW Group in Germany on the topic of: "Simulation environment for electric traction motors and application for 6-phase system layout".The presentation co ...

Article on E-Motors and the latest developments in Power Density

Read about the latest developments in the area of e-motor technologies. ZEVs are a steadily growing market, and the industry are currently developing e-motor prototypes that can offer superior power densities compared to ICEs. One of them is an axial-flux unit, whose magnet arrangements offer gre ...


Volvo Group Presentation on Optimized Thermal Management for E-Motor

There is a wide agreement among politicians, society and companies that the era of regular combustion vehicles will sooner or later come to an end. From several sides pressure is rising to reduce CO2 while at the same time mobility is increasing, electrical vehicles either being 100% electrified or being...